Our Mission

The Path in the woods adjacent to Wellesley High SchoolThe Foundation was created in 2009 in memory and in honor of the spirit and ideas of Daniel J. McCabe of Wellesley, MA. It is dedicated to opening new doors of opportunity and exploration for the young men and women in our community and beyond who are searching for their path in life and need assistance, financial or otherwise in beginning their journey.

The Foundation will raise funds through community based events and direct contributions.  The funds will be used to provide grants for young adults to gain access to training and education related to developing job skills and to support community based events and programs that provide opportunities for early career exploration.

Each year A Path In The Woods Foundation continues to advance its mission through programs such as providing work-study internships for high school students and co-sponsoring with the Wellesley Youth Commission, Thrive Wellesley, a movement to engage citizens throughout the community to create the opportunities and culture that enable every child to develop their innate gifts and put all our youth on a path to lifetime well-being.