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How Do You Cope with Stress?

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wicked Local Brookline posted a great article about stress. Read a little here:

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Wellesley Townsman OpEd: A Race to Somewhere

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Founder and President, Gary, recently wrote an op-ed about Twitter founder Biz Stone for the Wellesley Townsman. Read a little below:

In June 1992, a local kid named Christopher Isaac “Biz” Stone graduated from Wellesley High School and then, like the vast majority of his fellow graduates, headed off to college, some with great expectations; others maybe less clear. In Biz’s case, it didn’t go very well as stints at Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts ended prematurely and young Stone would officially declare himself a “dropout.”Yet Biz Stone’s story isn’t about failure. It is about perseverance and his inner drive to create something that he couldn’t develop at college. That something became Twitter, a company he co-founded with two other college “dropouts,” which Facebook reportedly offered to acquire for $500 million; they turned down the offer, according to Biz Stone in a January 2009 interview in Boston Uncommon, “ …to continue this path we’re on — sustaining this innovation.”

Unfortunately, not all stories turn out this way, but Stone’s account of his life so far offers an inspiring discussion point about how our kids see their own paths in life and how we as a community may frame a different reflection.

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