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The Foundation raises funds through community-based events and direct contributions. The funds are used to provide young adults with grants to gain access to job skill training and education, and to support events and programs that provide opportunities for early career exploration.

Join the Work Study Employers Group

The aim of our Work Study Employment program is to engage students in skill building and vocational work, which could be utilized in their lives after high school.  Beneath this goal there is the hope that a forward-looking apprenticeship program would foster a connection between the students. Rather than struggling with their vocational non-conformity in isolation, students connected by A Path in the Woods would learn to rely on one another, thereby learning that they are not alone in their decision to choose paths not often recognized in their community

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Mentor a Student

The goal of our apprenticeship program is to impart a sense of control over a student's life and to enhance their sense of a joyful, fulfilling future. This will be accomplished through skill building, relationships with mentors, and movement toward mastery of craft and technique.

This ‘path community’ will serve to support the vocational aspect of the program but also to decrease feelings of isolation among nontraditional Wellesley High School students. It should offer and foster regular contact wherein apprentices share their reflections and experiences with one another.

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